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About Us

 Backed by 30+ years of experience
Margo (Nina) Sabra, DiHom
Professional Classical Homeopath
Certified Hijama Cupping
Holistic Pet Care Specialist

Looking back, I can see the patterns of my life leading me to homeopathy. I didn't know it though until 2005 - the year my father passed away. In 2004 I had been a personal trainer at a top notch health club for four years, enjoying my work very much and managing a strong clientele base. Although I had some trained athletes as clients, my specialty was Post-Rehabilitation Personal Training. A few years earlier someone had come to the club for help with back, neck and joint issues but the other trainers were hesitant to take her as a client. I felt it my duty to help her become 'whole' again and my interest in this area of training developed. 

After four years of helping people significantly improve their functional lives, I began to realize that people have a much deeper sense of pain than that only in their muscles and joints. I spent the next whole year, as I walked the hallways of the health club, contemplating how I could help people on a deeper level. That's when it struck me that my dad was in the wrong medical hands.


​Seeking an alternative I found Dr. Maria Bohle of the British Institute of Homeopathy. I didn't know anything about homeopathy other than it was natural and the story I heard of my mother being cured of whooping cough at the tender age of 4, by her great 'Uncle Rolly' - Dr. Royal E. S. Hayes, of Waterbury, Connecticut who had been a homeopathic doctor.

I eagerly enrolled in the Institute as a student. Between medical issues and financial difficulties it took me eight years to complete the five year Master Level Program.


Over that 8 year period, homeopathy became the normal medical modality in my home. My children were treated for fevers, coughs, colds, earaches, etc, by over the counter homeopathic remedies. A family member, my husband, and I were treated by Dr. Maria, (and cured!) of a few significant medical issues: a 12 year incontinence problem, a 14 year chronic cough, sleep apnea, a four year itch/rash, depression, grief, and more! I felt the positive effects of homeopathic medicine on the very first dose. I also felt the effects of a homeopathic aggravation twice but by Dr. Maria's instruction it was antidoted within minutes! I felt homeopathy, I lived  homeopathy, I studied and learned. Now I’m happy and excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help others (you!).

HIO Homeopathy - About Us
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