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Health and Wellness Alternatives Public Presentation Schedule

Come learn about a homeopathic perspective on health and wellness. Awareness is a first step to improving the health of yourself and those you care about.

HIO Homeopathy - Events

June 3, 2023   9 am - 3 pm
1130 Hooper Ave  Toms River, NJ

Practitioners - Want to promote your speciality?  Call Nina @ 609-665-6691


My name is Jill.

First and foremost I am a proud Wife and a Mother of 4 amazing humans. I love nature, animals and helping others. For as long as I can remember I have been caring for everyone around me. Family, friends and anyone in my path that could use a helping hand. I have worked or volunteered in everything from Childcare, the Special Needs Community and even Hospice.

In the past few years with many personal challenges, the health and wellness of myself and my immediate family had taken a backseat. After my daughter took a serious fall and her health began to deteriorate I set out to help her improve her overall health. She has a rare tissue disorder as well as Autism. My goal was to start by improving my own health and have the energy and strength I needed both mentally and physically. She needed my help and it was something she couldn't do on her own.

I am so thrilled to say that my success has been beyond my imagination!

Fast forward to today...

I am blessed with a gift that can help anyone. A program that can improve the body, mind and even the finances of anyone with a need. Anyone willing to trust me and take a leap of faith, go out of their comfort zone or just be bold.

I am now an Independent Senior Coach and Manager with Optavia.


My hope is to partner with as may people as possible and change their world. Renewed ENERGY,

Better SLEEP, Mental CLARITY and WEIGHTLOSS are all possible.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part for your own Special Health Quest!

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Hello there! My name is Jaclyn Hoffman and I am the owner of Shore Awakenings which is located right when you enter onto lovely LBI. I have been a mental health practitioner for around 20 years and I specialize in individual therapy and offer workshops surrounding coping skills for grief work, anxiety, and depression. I currently offer a free monthly support group, Mending Hearts for Widows every first Wednesday of the month. I like to incorporate energy psychology (like tapping) and complementary alternative medicine practices in my work as well. Other therapeutic tools I bring to session include HearthMath, EMDR, and SoulCollage®. I offer Reiki to those who are interested. I provide holistic ideas for wellness and motivate my clients to explore root cause as to what ails them. I also enjoy incorporating spiritual work into my practice with like-minded individuals.

You can learn more about my practice and what I offer at

In my personal life, I am a mom of two unbelievably awesome teenagers and a spunky fur kid, Zen. I have a farm with chickens, goats, sheep, bees, and an orchard. I love to camp and be out in nature, whether it is gardening, walking, kayaking, or watching a starry sky. I love to learn about lightwork. I am easily inspired through art and music.

Dr. Kemmy Ritter is originally from Brazil and moved to the United States in 2010 to learn English. She got her associates in Life Sciences in California, and was pursuing a Biochemistry in BYU-Idaho before she transferred to Logan University.

While a student, Dr. Ritter had the opportunity to represent the chiropractic profession at the Capitol Hill, and also different continents in many health events including the WHA (World Health Assembly) at the WHO (World Health Organization) in Switzerland through the WCCS (World Congress of Chiropractic Students).

She graduated from Logan University in April 2019, upon which she joined a growing family practice in Beachwood, NJ. Essington Family Chiropractic opened its doors in 1991 and has since been serving the community and helping people achieve their optimal, healthy life. Dr. Ritter recently became a mother and loves spending time educating and supporting patients to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

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Thomas J. Benza is a New Jersey-based hypnotherapist and stress management consultant. He has a passion for helping people overcome challenges, find balance and realize their greatest potential to live a better life. Tom works with people from all walks of life and in all stages of their lives. Using hypnosis, he helps them to realign their subconscious mind - the one that drives behavior, emotions, and performance. Tom's work inspires a new approach to living your best life.

Tom believes in practicing what he preaches. Faced with a life-threatening disease over a decade ago - which he overcame - made him realize his second chance in life included helping others. His inspirational story, which he shares, is the basis for his practice. Years of therapy, including both physical and hypnosis, elevated him to where he is now.

While there are many hypnotherapists in New Jersey, Tom prides himself on providing his clients with a caring and nurturing style of personalized hypnotherapy. When you take the first step to do self-improvement work, it is important that you are doing it with a trained specialist who really cares about you and your results.

Tom is a certified BQT (Breath Quit Technique) practitioner, who helps people quit smoking in just one session. He also practices Virtual Gastric Band, which helps people lose weight in a non-surgical, holistic way.

For more information, a free consultation, or to book a session, please call (848) 565-8387, or send an email to


Hello! My name is Tasha and I am the owner of Bubbles Catty Shack. I graduated from Nash Academy in 1996 and in 2017 I started my own mobile grooming business. In the past three years I have begun catering to cat grooming. There are so many older matted cats who need to be taken to the vet and be sedated to remove the mats. It is so hard on older cats to be sedated, it is heartbreaking. I wanted to provide a safer, less stressful alternative. By offering service straight to your door the cat does not need to travel far from home and endure a strange environment. The one on one service allows them to not be stressed by other animals or crowded work environments. Your cats are my passion and I truly care about every animal that comes into my shop.


Margo (Nina) Sabra, CCH specializes in treating acute and chronic ailments with potentized, deep acting, all natural medicnes for balance and healing. She is certified as a Classical Homeopath by the Counsel on Homeopathic Certification and certified as an Hijama Cupping Therapist. She is a graduate of the British Institute of Homepathy International where she held roles of Student Communications Liaison and Student member on the Board of Advisors. Her internship led her to Pune, India to Dr. Nikam's Aditya Homeopathic Hospital and five weeks of clinical training at Dr. Borkar's Homeopathy Clinic in Goa, India. This experience was life changing in many ways - predominantly that inherited, generational traits potentially leading to illness later in life can be sccessfrully treated with homeopathic medicines.

In 2017, Margo (Nina) started her private homeopathy practice. In 2018, she began bringing awareness of homeopathy to the public with presentations. In 2021, added Cupping therapy to her practice and 2023, due to successful holistic treatment of animals, expanded into the world of healing pets!

Margo (Nina) enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with family and surrounded in nature.

Worldwide Homeopathy Consultations are available through Whatsapp video or Zoom meetings. In-person consultations are available in Toms River, NJ at HIO Homeopathy Hijama Fire & Sports Cupping Therapy Wellness Center.

Find more info at or Google HIO Homeopathy Toms River NJ.

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My name is Laraine Acquaviva & am excited to be invited to the annual Hio Homeopathy wellness expo on June 3rd!

I'm a NJ Licensed Real Estate Agent specializing in Long Beach Island and Little Egg Harbor residential properties. We are a beautiful hometown shore community with homes on and off the water.

I am a widowed mom of 3 extraordinary kids and we often work together. My interests include playing tennis, traveling, and having new adventures!

Helping people comes naturally to me so I hope you'd like me to help you find your next home. We'll have an adventure together!


I bring over 20 years of dog training experience to the Sit Means Sit Franchise. I have had the pleasure of working and training with some of the top dog trainers and dog handlers both nationally and internationally.

Some of my recent accomplishments include providing Sport Dog and Protection Dog seminars, Obedience Classes, general dog in-services and training for specialized protection dog groups. I also am a Dog Sport Club Training Director and Instructor.

In addition to providing education and training services, I continue to attend countless training seminars and continuing education hours to include some of the most recent and up to date training techniques in the pet/dog industry. I also have my Dog First Aide/CPR certification, updated yearly.

My passion for training dogs has taken me to multiple Sport Dog competitions from AKC Obedience to Protection Sport Association (PSA). In the last few years with my dog ‘Rocky”, we have accomplished some of the highest levels of recognition in the Dog Sport world. Achieving multiple Regional and National Championships. This included 2015 PSA Level3 USA National Champion, 2016 PSA Level3 USA Highest scoring team of the year, 2017 PSA Level3 USA Regional Champion, 2017 PSA Level3 USA National Champion, 2018 PSA Level3 USA Regional Champion, 2019 PSA Level3 Canadian National Champion.

I currently have in my dog pack 6 dogs of my own. This includes 4 Malinois 1 German Shepherd, and the boss of the house our rescue dog “Star”.

Throughout all my years of training I have learned the greatest enjoyment for me is being able to help and give others the ability to communicate with their dogs, creating a long lasting relationship. Our dogs are and can be our greatest protectors, friends and companions.

I truly feel blessed to be able to give back to the community by showcasing Sit Means Sit training as a smarter, faster and more reliable form of training to all. Ray Medina, Owner Sit Means Sit Dog Training

...more to come!

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