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Come learn about a homeopathic perspective on health and wellness. Awareness is a first step to improving the health of yourself and those you care about.

HIO Homeopathy - Events


May 28, 2022

9 am - 3 pm

Discover a variety of local Holistic Practitioners

Presentations and Demonstrations

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1130 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ


Holistic Practitioners interested in exhibiting your service inquire within



Dr. Kemmy Ritter is originally from Brazil and moved to the United States in 2010 to learn English. She achieved her associates in Life Sciences in California and pursued a Biochemistry in BYU-Idaho before she transferred to Logan University.

While a student, Dr. Ritter had the opportunity to represent the chiropractic profession at Capitol Hill as well as different continents in many health events including the World Health Assembly (WHA) at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Switzerland through the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS).

After graduating from Logan University in April 2019, she joined a growing family practice in Beachwood, NJ. Essington Family Chiropractic opened its doors in 1991 and has since been serving the community and helping people achieve their optimal healthy life.


Hi! I’m Jaclyn Hoffman, LPC – a counselor serving women and children in New Jersey.

I always aspired to be a counselor because I always found fulfillment in helping others. I have extensive experience providing care through in-home counseling, outpatient, group therapy, and partial care programs. I have worked with children, teens, adults, and families.


A bulk of my experience comes from working in crisis diversion or early intervention for adults. I have transitioned to focus on grief and loss as an area of specialty as well as incorporating spirituality into my style of work. I utilize methods like the Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping) and HeartMath as a means to help manage stress and intense feelings or emotions. I also integrate Energy Psychology practices into my work and believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation. I believe there’s no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. I will meet and work with you where you are and we will both explore the right avenue to sustaining your wellness.

I meet mostly via telehealth but for local individuals, in-person sessions are possible. This can be elaborated on through a consultation.

Dr. Christopher W. Shapley, DVM, CVA blends all of the best elements of Eastern and Western medicine in his daily practice. Instead of seeing these medicines as conflicting or contradictory modalities, he merges them for the best possible outcomes for his patients Dr. Shapley's philosophy is that having an open mind to a multimodal approach to medicine ensures the most success. He readily and easily combines the appropriate pharmaceuticals and herbal formulations for the long-term well-being of his patients. He firmly believes in a holistic approach and treating the underlying cause of the maladies his patients are experiencing. 


Dr. Shapley practices medicine in an all-encompassing manner to ensure the best possible outcomes for your pets. With a whole-pet approach to therapy, patients are evaluated on the basis of their environment, disease, condition or pain score, and lifestyle, as well as results from diagnostic modalities such as blood tests, ultrasound, and radiographs (X-rays). Dr. Shapley works with our other veterinary services to ensure your pet's condition is addressed from all angles.

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Carole Seaver, MA, NCC is a National Certified Counselor as well as a Diplomate of Energy Psychology awarded by ACEP, the world’s largest and most influential Energy Psychology organization. She is a certified Meta-Medicine Integrative Health Coach, a Certified Energy Coach, a MindBody Coach, a Certified NES (NutriEnergetics System) practitioner, a licensed and certified Louise Hay Counselor and WS leader, and a GNM, German New Medicine practitioner.


Carole has extensive study and experience in Meridian Techniques such as EFT, AFT (Attractor Field Technique), QT, TFT, Matrix ReImprinting, Chakra Techniques such as AIT, Advanced Integrative Therapy, BMS, Body Mirror System; Aura Techniques including IET, Qi Gong, Reiki; Intentional techniques including ETHOS, Zpoint, Logosynthesis, Quantum K, Matrix Energetics, and Theta Healing and is an advanced Resonance Repatterning Practitioner which encompasses all the above

Born and raised in New Jersey, my life was surrounded by animals and nature. My mother's love of horses and my father's love for my mother made my childhood a precious equestrian experience.

Looking back, there was a lot of 'saving lives' in my youth - from saving a frog from the deadly grip of a stag beetle to freeing the mourning doves fluttering at the inside window longing to get out of the barn to the thoroughbred horse flying past me at full speed with the reigns dangling down near the hooves.

Once I discovered the miraculous 'saving' abilities of homeopathic medicine, there was no turning back. I had to learn all I could (and still learning) to help the illnesses of humans and animals.

As for cupping therapy, my interest initiated when I learned that Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to get cupped and said "there are blessings for the cupper and the cupped".