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Homeopathic medicine is powerful, effective, natural medicine that stimulates the body to heal.

HIO Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a scientifically sound holistic system of healing developed more than 200 years ago and used successfully worldwide. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the purpose of stimulating their own body to heal. Homeopathic medicines, known as 'remedies', come from Nature - plants, animals, and minerals. They are effective and safe to use for:

  • Babies

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Pregnancy

  • Seniors

  • Pets

  • For chronic ailments

  • For acute attacks

Wellness for Children and Adults

As Homeopaths, we are trained to understand the language of disease through the body’s symptoms. It would be my pleasure to help you and your loved ones reclaim a healthy life. Schedule an appointment for an Initial Consultation to begin your journey to wellness!

HIO Homeopathy - Testimonial


"I first turned to homeopathy when I was in the middle of an asthma flare up. I have struggled with asthma for most of my life and have used many medications over the years to help  me breathe. Homeopathy brought me relief and allowed me to stop relying on those toxic medications. I have also seen homeopathy work in amazing ways in my daughter and grandchildren's lives - from stalled labor to treating every childhood illness that they have encountered so far. Our bodies were made to heal themselves and homeopathy is an excellent, natural way to support that process. It helps me be as healthy as possible naturally instead of just treating symptoms with medications that ultimately harm my body in the long run." 


- KP, New Jersey, USA

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Read what Professional Homeopaths have to say.

Nina Sabra, CCH 

Homeopathy is a serious discipline that has been practiced for more than a century by people who are seeking a natural approach to health and wellness. While many who have sought its benefits have found it to be an effective option that has significantly improved the quality of their lives, it is important to understand that no medical profession can rightfully guarantee a cure to any illness. Homeopathic medicine does not fit within the guidelines of today's 'approved' medical practices in most of the USA. It is your right to pursue other therapies if you wish. Homeopathic medicine is not meant to take the place of your medical practitioner, but as a compliment to his/her treatment. HIO Homeopathy makes no medical claims for this alternative/complimentary therapy and can promise no results.

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